Transport to SR


The delivery time to the Slovakia starts to run at 6 PM on the day the consignment was received and amounts to:

24 hours: all shipments to the Bratislava, Trencin, Nitra and Zilina regions + from Moravia (except the regions Jihlava and Sumperk) to the whole Slovakia

48 hours: all shipments from the Czech Republic ( including regions Jihlava and Sumperk) to the  Banska Bystrica, Poprad and Kosice regions

* Additional services like TOPTIME, TOP-WEEKEND and TOP-PRIVAT can be used only for the term of 24 hours.

The delivery time does not run on weekends and public holidays.


Toptrans provides collection of cash for its SR customers and its transfers into a CR account indicated by the customer. The cash-on-delivery option must always be indicated using Czech crowns (CZK). The daily exchange rate/foreign currency purchase by VUB, a bank we use for these financial operations, is used for conversions into EUR. For cash-on-delivery consignments which are not delivered due to the consignee’s insolvency, the delivery time stops running.


Toptrans provides the Return Consignment service to customers sending their consignment to the SR, just as to those using the company’s services within the CR. Based upon the sender’s request, upon the delivery of the original consignment, our Slovak depot will provide for automatic receipt of goods to be returned (empty packaging, boxes, etc. or appliances repaired in a contractual service centre) and their immediate delivery to the original sender. 


This is a service under which the system ensures that the Toptrans delivery driver will request the consignee company to provide him, in addition to the regular confirmation of acceptance on the Toptrans delivery list, with a confirmed bill of delivery or gross income receipt upon the consignment handover.


Telephone aviso before delivery (aviso by the driver):
As part of this service Toptrans guarantees that the driver delivering the particular consignment will contact the consignee by phone 1-2 hour before the planned delivery time. The driver will notify the consignee of his whereabouts and the anticipated arrival time. 

Telephone aviso before the consignment is discharged to be delivered:

Upon its arrival at the delivering Toptrans depot, the consignment will be excluded from the standard delivery regime and the consignee will be notified by a telephone call from the dispatcher of its arrival. The delivery will take place at a time directly agreed upon with the consignee.

Automatic aviso about the consignment arrival to the consignee’s e-mail address:
After the consignment arrives at a TOPTRANS warehouse, the system automatically generates an e-mail message with an interactive link. After clicking on the link the consignee will access information on the consignments current location.   It the consignment has been included in the delivery route, the customer will also be provided with the name of the delivering driver and direct contact telephone number.


Just as is the case with transportation within the CR, there are several methods of gaining information on the current status of the consignment if it is intended for a consignee in Slovakia.

1) Looking the individual item up at by entering the consignment number, number of the item or any other designation the consignee indicated in the order (invoice number, number of warehouse position, etc.)
2) E-mail message on undelivered consignments including the reason or the failed delivery (e.g., the consignee does not have cash to pay for the consignment or is not present to receive it, etc.) The e-mail sent by the driver by SMS at the time of delivery.
3) Mass search allows continuous information on all orders by a specific company (exclusively for the system’s regular customers).