Transportation within the CR


The delivery time within the CR starts to run at 6 PM on the day the consignment was received and amounts to:

24 hours: basic delivery time
TOPTIME special delivery time: morning delivery by 12 PM
3) TOP-PRIVAT special delivery time: evening delivery between 4 PM and 8 PM
4) TOP-WEEKEND special delivery time: Saturday delivery by 1 PM
5) Personal Collection of the consignment:  consignments are handed over to customers between 8 AM and 6 PM on working days and 8 AM and 10 AM on Saturdays

The delivery time does not run on weekends and public holidays.


1) TOP - COMFORT consignment delivery includes its being carried upstairs on the required floor – active assistance by the recipient required, maxim weight: 100 kg*
2) TOP - COMFORT Plus All-inclusive consignment delivery (2 TOPTRANS employees) directly to the location required by the recipient (home, office, etc.), includes aviso, unpacking, removal of packaging material or an old appliance, if necessary; maximum weight: 300 kg (single piece max. 100 kg). The service is provided in cities where TOPTRANS operates a logistic centre.*


*you could use both above mentioned services in multiplicative nature (for example 2x "TOP-COMFORT" = delivery of max. 200 kg, 2x fee), single piece always max. 100 kg


Based upon an order by the customer, TOPTRANS will provide for collection a cash-on-delivery fee from the consignee and its subsequent transfer into a bank account indicated by the customer. For cash-on-delivery consignments which are not delivered due to the consignee’s insolvency, the delivery time stops running.

The fee is always collected in the currency of the state of delivery – CR (CZK) and SR (EUR).


1) The Standard Return Consignment allows the sender to send defective appliances to contractual service centres and their return after the repair or collection of empty packaging which contained the original consignment (containers, boxes, etc.)

2) The Bill of Delivery to Return service allows the sender to have the consignee confirm, in addition to the common consignment not, also its own bill of delivery (or gross income receipt) which is subsequently scanned and displayed in the customer program, customer zone or sent by e-mail. The possibility to have the paper document sent to an address remains open.

3) The EPAL Return service allows the sender to open a euro pallet account at TOPTRANS.

4) The Returnable Packaging service is designated for customers who send consignments in various types of packaging, e.g., typified pallets, boxes, barrels, canisters, etc. After the consignment is delivered, the packaging is transported from the consignee back to the place of loading. The deadline for return of such packaging is 1 week.

5) The Waste Collection Centre service is used particularly by e-shops and significantly contributes to ecologic liquidation of used appliances. For a flat fee of CZK 400, Toptrans will deliver the old appliance to the closes waste collection centre registered as an Elektrowin collection centre. 


1) Telephone aviso before delivery (aviso by the driver):
As part of this service Toptrans guarantees that the driver delivering the particular consignment will contact the consignee by phone 1–2 hour before the planned delivery time. The driver will notify the consignee of his whereabouts and the anticipated arrival time.

2) Telephone aviso before the consignment is discharged to be delivered:
Upon its arrival at the delivering Toptrans depot, the consignment will be excluded from the standard delivery regime and the consignee will be notified by a telephone call from the dispatcher of its arrival. The delivery will take place at a time directly agreed upon with the consignee.

3) Automatic aviso about the consignment arrival to the consignee’s e-mail address
After the consignment arrives at a TOPTRANS warehouse; the system automatically generates an e-mail message with an interactive link. After clicking on the link the consignee will access information on the consignments current location. It the consignment has been included in the delivery route, the customer will also be provided with the name of the delivering driver and direct contact telephone number.

4) SMS Aviso

After the consignment has been included in the delivery route, the consignee will receive an SMS containing a contact telephone of the delivering driver and the amount to be paid (cash on delivery), if applicable. After the consignment has been included in Collection in Person, the consignee will receive an informative SMS of the fact the consignment has been stored at the logistic centre.



Customers have several possibilities to acquire information on the status of their consignments entrusted to Toptrans for transport:

1) Looking the individual item up at
www.toptrans.czby entering the consignment number, number of the item or any other designation the consignee indicated in the order (invoice number, number of warehouse position, etc.)

2) E-mail message on undelivered consignments including the reason or the failed delivery (e.g., the consignee does not have cash to pay for the consignment or is not present to receive it, etc.) The e-mail sent by the driver by SMS at the time of delivery.

3) Mass search allows continuous information on all orders by a specific company (exclusively for the system’s regular customers).