TOPTRANS EU a.s., SPEDICE, is an independent division of TOPTRANS EU a.s., which has been operating in the Czech logistic market since 2008. We focus on transportation of consignments ranging from envelopes, cardboard boxes, pallets up to full truck load transportation. We specialize in ground, air and maritime transportation. We offer transportation using a collection service within the entire Europe as well as import and export transportation at unbeatable prices. We also provide customs services, storage and all activities related to logistics.

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Our division provides comprehensive services for ground transportation both within the Czech Republic and abroad. We offer transportation in all sectors, ranging from electronics, medicaments, cooled and frozen product transport up to transportation of dangerous goods. We provide comprehensive transportation services. We have a wide range of vehicles available with a carrying capacity of 500 kg, trucks whose carrying capacity is up to 6 tons and semi-trailers and truck assemblies up to 24 tons.

- passenger vehicles
- vans
(VW Crafter, Mercedes Benz Sprinter), capacity 5-7 Euro pallets, up to 1,500 kg,
    Interior dimensions length x width x height: 4.3-4.8 x 1.2 x 1.85 m, capacity 10-15 cubic meters, trailer may be attached,
    specially outfitted: ADR, cooling aggregates
- vehicles 3.5 – 19 tons, capacity for 15–18 Euro pallets, dimensions length x width x height: 5-7.3 x 2.43 x 2.2-3 m,
    hydraulic fronts, ADR, canvas or box bodies, double floor
- semi-trailers and truck assemblies up to 24 tons, capacity 33 – 38 Euro pallets, modified to transfer hang garments,
    transport of commercial goods; box or canvas bodies; interior height 2.6 – 3 m

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Telephone: + 420 267 101 302, + 420 267 101 334, +420 606 077 424, +420 724 090 926, +420 601 588 784


We mediate transportation to all harbours and to the consignee, if necessary. We provide for export and import of entire ISO containers according to the needs of customers.

Less than carload transportation (LCL)
The service is conceived as a package. We provide service including consignment collection at the client’s, potential storage or packaging up to delivery to end consumer. This applies to import consignments, as well.
For the transport of items under the LCL regime (pallets, bulk goods) we provide loading abroad, import to the CR, including customs services.

Full container load transportation (FCL)

We offer transportation of your goods in ISO containers. We will take care of comprehensive service, loading, transport of the container to the designated harbour, maritime transport to the destination harbour and delivery to the consignee, if necessary. Every customer may select the best suited service from the entire transportation process. We offer professional help in selection of the most efficient means of transport.

Special transportation
    - cooled or frozen goods (FCL)
    - for exhibitions and fairs
    - oversized consignments
    - combined transportation: SEA + AIR (LCL import from Asia)

In addition to transportation, we offer comprehensive service, customs procedure, insurance and communication with corresponding agents abroad. Delivery in keeping with the INCOTERMS conditions.

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Telephone: + 420 267 101 306, Mobile: +420 724 386 101, +420 602 214 000


Our division provides services in air transportation of export and import consignments. We have been operating in the air transportation sector since 1998. We make use of exclusively reliable airlines. We provide for customs clearance, issue of flight lists, consignment insurance, and delivery to the airport designated or to the consignee’s address, if possible.

We offer transportation of
- documents and cardboard material
- pallets and sizeable consignments
- charter flights

We provide for the opportunity to insure valuable consignments. Delivery in keeping with the INCOTERMS conditions. 

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Telephone: + 420 267 101 306, Mobile: +420 602 214 000, +420 724 386 101

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